Friday, February 16, 2007

Thailand Media New.1

THAILAND: MCOT modernises its 62 radio stations
The Mass Communication Organisation of Thailand (MCOT) has launched a modernisation plan for its 62 radio stations nationwide as part of a programme aimed at boosting revenues before its listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in the third quarter

THAILAND: iTV turns first-ever profit, MD credits sector growth
ITV Plc, a television station majority-owned by Shin Corp, has reported a 24-million-baht net profit for the first quarter this year, the first since its inception in 1995

THAILAND: PM hits out at reports by foreign media
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday slammed foreign media agencies over their coverage of last week's uprising in the South, saying their reporting was hostile, unfair, unethical and irresponsible

THAILAND: Growth unlikely to be derailed
The outlook for the Thai advertising industry remains bright for the rest of the year despite lingering uncertainties, including the potential for more violence in the South, rising oil prices, and the risk of Sars making a comeback

THAILAND: Government 'trying to stifle press freedom'
The government is leading the country towards "authoritarianism" in which the media and other mechanisms to promote freedom of expression will be put under control

THAILAND: Govt urged to remove constraints
The Thai Journalists Association and the Thai Broadcast Journalists Association yesterday urged the government to introduce organic laws to improve press freedom and access to information by the public

THAILAND: Shin and EGV join hands in launching E-theatres
Shin Corporation is entering the cinema business through a planned joint venture with EGV Entertainment to launch what the companies call an "E-theatre", which enables audiences in the provinces to view new movies at the same time as Bangkok viewers through the use of broadband technology

THAILAND: Fourth Army slaps ban on foreign media
Reporters from foreign news agencies have been barred from entering military precincts in the South after their reports on Wednesday's uprising upset Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra
THAILAND: PM implores media for fair coverage

Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra yesterday begged the media to stop making his youngest daughter, Paethongthan, look bad just because they do not like her father
THAILAND: Reporter hears charges of defamation lodged by Sant

A senior reporter from the Bangkok Post appeared before police yesterday to hear defamation charges filed by former national police chief Pol Gen Sant Sarutanont
THAILAND: Newspapers urged to be more careful

The Thai Journalists Association has called on the media to be careful in their news coverage and the way they display photographs of the southern violence

THAILAND: Petition to overturn ruling filed
The Administrative Court has accepted for consideration a petition filed by the Prime Minister's Office seeking to overturn the arbitration committee's ruling favourable to iTV in a broadcast contractual dispute

THAILAND: Post affiliate launches Marie Claire today
HFPost-MC Co, an affiliate of Post Publishing Plc, today launches the Thai-language edition of the French women's magazine Marie Claire

THAILAND: Police to question reporter on Friday
A senior Bangkok Post reporter has been summoned for questioning in a defamation suit lodged by former police chief Sant Sarutanont

THAILAND: Meddling in media 'worst since 1976'
Government interference in the media is at its worst point since the Oct 6, 1976 Thammasat University massacre led an ultra-conservative government to suppress press freedom

THAILAND: Post expects 50-60% ad growth
The Post Publishing Plc projects advertising sales of the Bangkok Post and Post Today this year will rise by 50-60% on the back of the optimistic outlook for the advertising industry

THAILAND: Subway cake carved up
Under pressure from Bangkok Metro Company Ltd (BMCL), Triads Networks Co has agreed to amend its sole advertising concession for the Bangkok subway to allow How Come Entertainment Co, a new firm led by Panthongtae Shinawatra, to offer lucrative advertising services for the new transport system

THAILAND: Pro-privatisation ads to continue
Energy Minister Prommin Lertsuridej has vowed to continue running controversial television commercials aimed at promoting the government's plan to privatise the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) amid vociferous opposition from Egat's union

THAILAND: DTAC takes novel approach to finding talent
Classified advertising is one of the main recruitment tools for most companies, but mobile operator DTAC has found better response to a novel series of colourful display ads featuring its high-profile co-chief executives

THAILAND: State keeps sharp eye on iTV programming
The Office of the PM's Permanent Secretary has taped all programmes on Independent Television since April 1 and might use those tapes as a bargaining chip to change part of the contract with iTV that puts the state at a disadvantage

THAILAND: Q1 spending up 24.61%
Advertising and media spending in the first quarter of this year recorded better-than-expected growth of 24.61% to 19.96 billion baht

THAILAND: Admin court to reconsider ruling on iTV
The battle over an arbitration ruling on Independent Television's concession fee goes to the Administrative Court this month

THAILAND: Petition was incomplete, says court
The Administrative Court has rejected a complaint by media reform advocates that it had failed to act on a petition to stop iTV changing its prime-time programming

THAILAND: Exhibition organiser to list on MAI
The parent of AR Information and Publication, a relatively new Thai exhibition organiser, plans to list the wholly owned subsidiary on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) to raise 100 million baht by the end of the year

THAILAND: Competition for subway contract
Firm run by PM's son seeks a share

THAILAND: Activists seeking court order to scrap new prime-time slot
Civic and consumer rights activists yesterday filed for an Administrative Court order to scrap Independent Television (iTV)'s new prime-time slot and sought court action against the Prime Minister's Office for negligence of duty

THAILAND: RK sees rosy outlook ahead in line with higher ad sales
The entertainment company RK Media Holding Plc expects its net profits to rise by 66% to 50 million baht this year and then rise by almost 50% in 2005 to 74 million baht, buoyed by increased advertising spending

THAILAND: Legal experts slam govt over iTV ruling
A group of law lecturers yesterday slammed the government's role in the iTV dispute and warned that state officials could face prosecution for failing to protect the public interest

THAILAND: Anger after panel rules in favour of iTV
The opposition and civic groups yesterday poured scorn on the government for "throwing in the towel" by submitting to iTV's demands for prime-time programme changes, in breach of its contractual agreement

THAILAND: Visanu lets iTV have its way
The government has given in to Independent Television (iTV) by agreeing to the channel's prime-time segment changes augmenting entertainment content at the expense of news programmes

THAILAND: Book critical of PM selling like hot cakes
Bangkok senator Chirmsak Pinthong's new book about Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's policies and tricks are selling so well a reprint has been ordered

THAILAND: ITV warned over April 1 rescheduling
The government will take iTV to an arbitration panel for breach of contract if it introduces new programme schedules on April 1

THAILAND: New lineup on Channel 3 to replace Traiphop's hits
BEC World Plc, the operator of Channel 3, will launch four new programmes to replace the hits of Traiphop Limpraphat's Born Corporation, which will move next month to rival iTV

THAILAND: Case being readied to challenge ruling
A working panel set up by the Attorney-General's Office is drafting a petition challenging the arbitration ruling which awards iTV massive cuts in concession fees and allows the station to increase entertainment content