Friday, February 16, 2007

Thailand Media New.2

THAILAND: Media wants guarantee of right to freedom of expression
New constitution should protect ethical reporting from political interference, say media representatives

THAILAND: Sonthi wants Shin Corp back
Speech highlights the need to 'protect national assets'

THAILAND: Court tosses DTAC and True lawsuits
Telecoms can take access charge issue to the Supreme Administrative Court

THAILAND: Thailand cancels TV drama after Laos' protest
Channel 7 cancels soap opera about a Thai-Laotian couple after Laotians brand the show offensive

THAILAND: Soap opera pulled after Laos objects
Embassy says several scenes from Channel 7's Pleng Rak Song Fang Khong are inappropriate

THAILAND: Grammy moving into new media
New partnership deals in satellite, broadband and TV do not include iTV

THAILAND: Thaksin looking for permanent Australia home
Thaksin holds interviews with Australian media to announce his post-politics plans

THAILAND: Thailand to review telecom concessions
Operators may have to sign new agreements if Thaksin government's regulatory changes are ruled illegal

THAILAND: Banks team up to block payments for pornographic materials
With formal laws against pornography non-existent, Thai banks step in

THAILAND: Anti-coup book 'not banned'
Publisher, bookstore manager disagree on meaning of book's delayed appearance on bookshelves

THAILAND: iTV staff urge government to end dispute
Staff also requests that the TV station be allowed to continue as an independent media outlet

THAILAND: Operators may have to ink new deals
Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to investigate the legitimacy of Thaksin-era telecom agreements
THAILAND: Beijing won't get involved
China to stay out of Thailand's internal affairs, will not allow Thaksin to broadcast from their soil

THAILAND: Thaksin hires high-profile Washington lobbyists
Democrat Party leader says Thaksin not done with politics yet; Time magazine takes flack for publishing interview with Thaksin

THAILAND: Govt, CNS decide to let Thaksin sound off
Military leaders will stop blocking Thaksin's broadcasts

THAILAND: 'Black book' lists Thaksin-era graft
As the Campaign for Popular Democracy pressures the Thai government to produce a list of Thaksin's transgressions, the Democrat party comes out with its version

THAILAND: Journalists still facing threats
Campaign for Popula Media Reform concerned about effect of violence on objectivity

THAILAND: Govt urged to release white book
Thaksin corruption 'needs to be explained'

THAILAND: Judges, media get more influence on EC selection panels
Election Commission will choose one local media representative to be on a sub-panel for picking polling officials

THAILAND: Duel in foreign media
After ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra slammed government in interview, army chief Sonthi Boonyarataglin warns him against returning home

THAILAND: Post urged to rethink action against staff
Newspaper continues to defend its firing of journalists for airport stories

THAILAND: Thai-language media cries foul, reflects bitterness over loss
Thai-language newspapers insist Singapore's Asean Football Championship match win is unfair
THAILAND: iTV seeks partners to raise funds for fees
Broadcaster ordered to pay concession fees only in cash, given 30-day extension
THAILAND: New TOT board may order cleanup
All telecom agreements to come under microscope

THAILAND: PM's Office gives iTV another 30 days to pay
Station could not meet initial 45-day deadline; if station cannot pay fees in 30 days, it will face government takeover

THAILAND: Post defends dismissal of journalists
Bangkok Post publishers say former chief reporter and news editor not fired for mistakes in airport reports, but for not performing jobs properly

THAILAND: Bombs 'weaken confidence in govt'
In an attack that resembled the New Year bombings, the office of the Daily News was damaged by grenades early on Tuesday

THAILAND: TOT told to end disconnection
Court considers potential damage to consumers; TrueMove and DTAC could still owe fees

THAILAND: Justice sought on behalf of sacked reporters
Punitive actions should be reconsidered because 'defamatory' reports of airport runway cracks have proven accurate, says the Press Council

THAILAND: Some see Thaksin role in CNN delay
Broadcast of Council for National Security chief Sonthi Boonyaratkalin's interview with CNN delayed for one day

THAILAND: Shin Satellite denies claims of bugging
Shin says they don't have the technology to be guilty of military leaders' accusations

THAILAND: PM, says yes, iTV should pay by month's end
Supreme Administrative Court might consider compromises for fines and interest once concession fee is paid

THAILAND: Thailand lifts martial law in 41 provinces
Unlike Thaksin's CNN interview, coup leader Sonthi's interview will be broadcast

THAILAND: Bomb worries help book sales
Thai consumers' lifestyle shift lends itself to more time at home

THAILAND: Saprang takes over as TOT chairman
TOT union hopes new appointee will investigate all past telecom projects; researchers to patent encryption technology

THAILAND: PM's Office turns down iTV offer
Government stands firm, insists on collecting entire sum owed by broadcaster

THAILAND: TOT union lobbies for court-ordered protection
Telecom could go bankrupt if operators continue to stop paying access charge

THAILAND: Bangkok ends excise tax on telecoms firms
Private firms now will pay all licene fees to state-owned companies, ending Thaksin administration rules

THAILAND: MSN to launch a Thai-language blogging service
Mobile phone features, Thai search engine also in the works

THAILAND: Thaksin in Japan, calls for constitutional rule
Former prime minister continues pleas through media, this time with Japanese newspaper

THAILAND: Thai media speak out on relations
Many Thai newspapers remain anti-Singapore in tone due to allegations of monitored phone lines in
Singapore through Temasek Holdings' control

THAILAND: Thaksin says no immediate plan to return home
Former prime minister continues to hold meetings and interviews in Tokyo

THAILAND: iTV finding it hard to secure loans
Broadcaster may be forced to file for bankruptcy; Shincorp unlikely to step in

THAILAND: PM says consensus needed before Thaksin returns
The government is not worried about Thaksin, says prime minister

THAILAND: UBC bows to CNS pressure
Media groups react with concern, Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand will hold screening of Thaksin interview

THAILAND: ICT Minister says bugging can't be prevented
Eavesdropping fears can be remedied by voice scramblers, says Information and Communication Technology Minister

THAILAND: Paranoid Thai junta to dump cellphones for walkie-talkies
Military fears that Singapore's government might be trying to tap its mobile phones

THAILAND: Thai cable provider to block Thaksin interview
CNN will air full interview with deposed prime minister, but local cable provider UBC will not at the request of the Council for National Security

THAILAND: Bangkok starts Big Brother CCTV project
City invites suppliers, including True Corp, to bid on surveillance contract

THAILAND: Govt warns telephone firms against tapping
Anti-Thaksin conversations possibly monitored; telcoms accused of owning surveillance equipment

THAILAND: Two reporters injured in bomb blast ambush
Journalists mistaken for security personnel